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In India, Mouth Freshener Or Mukhwas, is seen as an important part of lifestyle. The word ‘Mukhwas’ is a combination of the Sanskrit words mukh (mouth) and vaas (to keep). Thus Mukhwas (Mouth Freshener) refers to ingredients which are kept in mouth to keep it fresh. It also serves as a post meal digestive aid.

To help and continue this tradition, in 2021, M.R. Industries introduced Dilkiya Royal Paan, a premium offering to address the need of Paan and Mouth Freshener Lovers, who want perfect taste of Royal Paan on the go. DilKiya has been thrieving to serve the best taste of mouth freshener in dry form and handy to use whenever mouth freshener lovers want to.

DilKiya as a brand is made for the all segments of the society and is the best Mouth Freshener available in the world!

The brand’s rapidly growing distribution network is well systemized by efficient distributers, dealers and retailers in India.

Our Mission

We as makers of DilKiya have always been passionate about perfection and quality. In keeping with its tradition of excellence, today it is known for its consistent and delicious mouth freshener experience.

Tobacco Free

DilKiya Mouth Fresheners is purely free from tobacco. DilKiya believes that you can discover your real passion in life without the taste of tobacco.

100% Organic

DilKiya Mouth Fresheners are made with 100% superior quality ingredients, such as dates, saffron, catechu, herb extracts, and cardamom seeds and flavors. DilKiya is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality products.

Pure & Authentic

The two main properties of DilKiya Mouth Fresheners are its aroma and taste. Without either of these properties, your mood would be lacking in quality.

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